A number of projects are either underway or under review that will bring new businesses to Sutter County.

–KFC (438 Bridge St.): All the paving is done and crews are currently working on the landscape and waiting on PG&E for power.

– Ampla Health (355 Samuel Drive): Building and landscape is complete. All that remains is a punch list of items with final inspections.

– Recycling Industries (140 Epley Drive): A new 120’x180’ steel building and relocation of an 1,800-square-foot building. An electrical check and landscaping was recently conducted.

– Feather River California Temple and meeting hall (1470 Butte House Road): Underground utilities and framing has been completed. Concrete siding has mostly been installed.

– Starbucks (corner of Clark Avenue and Highway 20): Crews recently started site work and construction.

                                                                                     Updated June 2021